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    OBIEE Upgrade when SSL activated

      We will be upgrading our OBIEE install from to and there are a few points in the upgrade process where you are asked for the Port number of the Admin Server (e.g. when running upgradenonj2eeapp.bat).

      This will be our 3rd upgrade, but the first where SSL has been activated.

      When I log in to Web Logic Console (using Port 7002) and look at 'Servers' I can see that the Listen Port for Admin Server is 7001. We haven't disabled 7001 so I'm guessing both ports are still active?

      But using wlst - I can only connect to the Admin Server through 7001. If I use 7002 it says "There is no server running at 7002".

      So not sure which port number to use when going through the upgrade process - anyone have experience of this?

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          In case, by a million to one chance!, anyone hits this same issue, we have managed to solve the problems we were having.

          We needed to regenerate the SSL certificates using Enterprise Manager and we were then able to access the servers through both the regular and SSL ports.

          Issues we'd been having in running the 'commit' mbean after uploading the rpd were also solved.