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    need some help for ORM mapping my Beans in JPA2(hibernate) in java.

      I have a two beans. 1. ServerInstance. following are the fields
      a.name b.url c. adminName d.password. ==> ORM mapping for this is simple and good.

      But 2 bean 2.* UserMapping*. following are the fields

      a. userName b. Map<ServerInstance, Set<String>> ==> for this i am not able to map. i tried with @ElementColections , but no use. and i also i would like to specify Set<String> as Embeddable and map it.even failed in that.

      my mapping table should look some thing like the following . In 3rd table 3 columns will act as compound PK

      |1 |ONE |http://dsddsa|name|passrd| |10|TESTUSER| |1 |10 |PRJ1|
      |1 |10 |PRJ1|

      thanks in advance