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    Forms 10g not displaying correctly on Mac OS


      i got a Oracle forms app that is not displaying correctly on Mac os laptops (on mac desktop i got no problem at all). i have tried Mozilla and Safari browsers

      it is not a font problem (that's what i think) because i have already made the changes in files basejpi.htm, and others , putting the rigth clientDPI value. (remember my mac desktop have no font problem)

      for example : when i want to log in to my runtime form, i can see the fields (username, pass and db. I see some king of malformed image on top of browser too) but if i do click on some field the cursor does not go to that position, instead, it goes a little bit lower or upper from position i clicked.

      my oracle form middle tier is running on windows 2008 server and my form version is All my windows users have no problem at all.

      thanks for any help.