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    Pretty URL configuration

    Pramila Padam
      Hi Experts,

      I am new to web-center sites. After developing a complete site, i found a final URL. But that URL consisting of hostname,port no,c,cid ,pagename....
      (Eg: http://localhost:7060/servlet/Satellite?c=Page&cid=1327351719456&pagename=avisports/Page/HomeLayout1)

      As per my knowledge, In order to change the end point URL we need to configure pretty URL's.

      But i confused with terminology, I have Couple of Questions

      1)What exactly a pretty URL / Friendly URL / Vanity URL ..?

      2) What is the environment required...?(Do we need web-server or application server is enough.)
      (I installed Webcentersites11gR1 on weblogic 10.3)

      3)Is GST(GST virtual web root) component is needed?

      Could someone provide Clear information on this..

      Thanks :


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          see the developer's guide, "WebCenter Sites URL Assemblers" , u can build u friendlly url.
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            N Varma
            1. As per my knowledge, I consider all pretty URL/ Friendly URL/ Vanity URL are one and the same, those are nothing but a clean URL which readable and understandable.
            2. Creating pretty URL can be achieved in Oracle WCS 11g or FatWire ContentServer (any version) by 2 following ways:
            a. Create your own custom URL assembler which provides complete flexibility of creating any URL required without any extra installation or configuration. For more details, please read the developer guide from Oracle documentation site.
            b. Using GSF: This requires extra installation apart from Oracle Webcenter Sites or FatWire and that's too much tedious work to do. After successful installation, creating pretty URL is easy. GSF also supports content tagging like we have in many article sites.

            I have worked with both and found that its more easy to make own custom URL assembler.