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    Copy Data from Prod to UAT OIM 11gR2


      Has anyone successfully copied data from Prod OIM to UAT OIM.

      I have installed UAT and it has no objects and users except for standard 4 users.

      The dba's copied all the schema data to respective schema in UAT.

      PRD1_OIM -> UAT_OIM
      PRD1_MDS -> UAT_MDS

      I updated the xelsysadm to the actual UAT encrypted password before the copy. It failed
      I updated the xelsysadm password to the actual PROD encrypted password. It failed.
      I copied the xldatabasekey to UAT. It failed.

      Please guide.
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          Kevin Pinsky
          There is a backup and restore process for OIM available in metalink. You will want to follow that and import into your restored to instance. I do not know if this will even work though. It's a very complex process.

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            Kevin -

            The document that you are referring to is 1492129.1
            OIM 11gR2: Schema Backup and Restoration using Data Pump Client Utility

            What it does not support is Backup/Restoration methodology for T2P scenarios.

            And this is what I am looking to acheive.
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              Kevin Pinsky
              Not sure what your acronym is supposed to stand for, but regardless, you would need to export all the items, more than just the schema's from one database into the other. Then you would also have to copy any keys related to the encryption.

              I would assume that if you installed your UAT instance completely as a vanilla install, you would not have to point your jdbc information to another location when you import into it.

              It's not a simple process, and in all honesty, you should follow your build process that you used to go from Dev, to QA, to Prod, and do the same thing to build any other environment, and not just try a quick and easy copy one instance to another, because with the complexity of these products now, it isn't a quick process. But your build process should be documented, and repeatable.

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                What you need to do is follow this (for Test2Production): http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37115_01/dev.1112/e27150/deploymgmt.htm#BABCAHGD

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                  I have 11g R1 and I have done the same thing except that I have kept the schema name and password same.

                  So, for me it was less work, I just have to update the database host and db instance name. Rest of the parameters remain same. So, I followed the same doc for R1 and it worked for me.

                  I have been troubled by xldatabasekey in the past, so that's why I asked dba to keep the schema name and password as same.