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    BPMN Modelling


      It is possible to import MS-Visio Diagram in Oracle BPM Studio but can we import BPMN Diagram in MS-Visio?
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          Plz,help me out
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            You first need to first download the Oracle Business Process Converter by going to http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/bpm/downloads/downloads-097443.html

            1. Sign in and accept the license agreement.
            2. Expand "Prerequisites & Recommended Install Process"
            3. Scroll down until you see "Oracle Business Process Converter" and download this.
            4. From the downloaded file, save the tutor_bpm_integrator.zip file into a temporary directory somewhere on your hard drive.

            Next you need to install it into your existing JDeveloper installation

            5. Open JDeveloper -> click Help -> click Check for Updates -> click the "Install From Local File" option and browse to the tutor_bpm_integrator.zip file you just saved -> click Next -> Finish.

            Finally, to import the Visio vdx file

            6. To insert the Visio vdx file into an Existing Project, in JDeveloper open an Application -> in the Appication Navigator tab right mouse click an existing project -> click Import Models... -> in the "File Type" dropdown, select Visio and browse for the .vdx file to open and import.
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              My question is different ,processes which we make in BPM can we import those processes in Visio?