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    EBS STAT accounts not feeding to OBIEE

      Good Afternoon,

      Anyone experience any issues with feeding STAT accounts to OBIEE? We're on EBS and have no issues with the USD items feeding over via ETL, but the STAT ones aren't making it. Has anyone had this problem in the past, and know of a solution?


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          Veeresh Rayan
          Check these files file_group_acct_codes_ora,file_group_acct_names and file_grpact_fstmt.

          Ensure all your stat accounts are mapped to any one of the group account number in the above file .

          Check your Trail balance sheet pulled from EBS and also from BI for one month and compare.This is to differentiate atleast accounts have been pulled or not (Dont check cashflow,banace sheet reports whcih have combined groupings).

          Post your results.

          Mark correct or helpful if it helps,

          Veeresh Rayan