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    Cannot Access Workspace

      I am the admin on the workspace and had added a few users to the work spaces.
      Their name appears in the "Manage Group" list but their name does not appear in the BOLAdmin group list. Not sure what the issue is.

      Also a few other external users are getting errors (with internet exp 8 & firefox) - "System error- please re-try your action or contact admin........" or Internet explorer cannot display the workspace....

      Please advise.
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          The thing to remember with BeehiveOnline is the importance of the group in the provisioning process. Users gain access to the system via their group membership - they don't have individual logins so if you need to add them to a workspasce they have to be ina group with you so you can see them.

          That said, you can see them if you have added them to the workspace - or was it the group - the conditions you mention are where the provisioning script had an issue, maybe the user account was locked, but the user was found to have a valid account. This would also explain the browser errors.

          Send an email to beehiveonline_ops@beehiveonline.oracle.com with the group, workspace amd email addresses affected and we will investigate - should be simple to fix, hopefully.