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    ADF: Generate dynamic adf components. Jdev

      Hi Experts,
      I am trying to build a page where the user selects a table from a list of table values eg(Department table, Employee table). Once he selects this table, it displays a list of values of all the columns for that table Department (eg: Department Id, Department Name, Employee Id, Location etc..). The user can now select the column he wants and enters a value. My requirement is that When the user selects for example Department Name, adf should automatically display a Text Box or if a user selects Employee id it should automatically display an LOV which shows all the employee ids under that department.

      Please note that this is just an example that I have provided. In my scenario, I may have 20 different tables and each of these can have 10-20 different columns and depending on the column the user selects that particular adf component should be displayed (text box, list of values, input list of values, checkbox).

      It would be great if you could let us know how we can go about doing this.