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    Applying a Model and the Columns Generated


      I wanted some help regarding the output of a decision tree model, i am building a model that predicts churners, the dataset consists of 20% churners depicted as 'Y'. The model is built and when i apply the model it seems to give higher %'s to 'N' rather than 'Y'. I was expecting to see the % of 'Y' higher. Upon closer inspection i saw that the DT Viewer itself was solving for 'N'. Is there anyway to change this default behaviour.

      2nd QUestion

      In the Apply table, if there are two rows one is prediction 'Y' and prob .94 the other is prediction 'N; and prob .89, do i read this as there is a 94% chance he will be a Y and a 89% chance he will be a N?

      Please help

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          Mark Kelly-Oracle
          Hi Sam,

          The Apply functions allow you to choose what target class value you want to predict.
          The default generated prediction function is most likely.
          If you prefer to just get N or Y then you can choose the specific class value prediction via the Apply Node editor (ODMr terminology) which then invokes the data mining sql scoring functions.

          I think you are interpreting the apply results correctly.
          See the following link for more details on the ODM sql scoring functions:

          Thanks, Mark