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    JFrame screen corrupted

      Dear All,

      I have an Java Swing application with Double Buffering enabled. Previously we use JVM 1.4 version and everything works fine.

      When we update the JVM to 1.6 u18, the screen will corrupt randomly in some time, we have tried the following solutions:

      1) We call the .update() function in JComponent, it will redraw correctly, but we do not know when the screen corruption happen, so we cannot know where do put this function in the program.
      2) We disable the Double Buffering in Swing application, it can prevent the problem but it cause the screen flicking.

      Do anyone have the idea to enable Double Buffering and prevent the screen corruption?


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          I'm consulting my crystal ball now....

          Oh, it says that double buffering in supported by default in SWING, so what ever you're doing manually is the problem... STOP IT!

          If you don't like that answer, then please supply some example code.