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    3rd party payment integration with ADF application

      Hi ADF experts,

      We have a requirement to integrate our ADF application with 3rd party payment gateway.

      For this we have created 2 servlets(one to post data, and one for relay response) which will talk to payment gateway.

      Since we are using servelts, we wont have access to bindings or any of ADF features. We manage the handshake between servlets and ADF app by passing data through session variables.

      I am not happy with this solution, even though it works in our test environment. I would prefer a complete ADF soultion rather than using servelts/jsps.

      Is there a standard way(either inbuilt in ADF or extensions) to integrate 3rd party gateway with ADF application which is safe and secure?

      Jdev used:
      Payment gateway used: authorize.net