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    unable to delete referral on masters


      We have implemented new 11g directory server and migrated data from existing environment which are 5.2.
      However we haven't configure any replication from old 5.2 directoy server to 11g servers.
      But still i can see nsslapd-referral on the new 11g servers which is referring to our old directory servers.

      I have tried to remove all old referrals manually, but while we restart the instance, it will create automatically.

      Did anyone encounter this issue.?
      Is this because of i have imported data from existing servers to new 11g servers with replication info.?

      Can anyone let us know how to manually remove this referrals.?

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          ravi shah-2083557
          You will have to run ldapmodify command to remove ruv entries.
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            you can export without replica meta data from 5.2 and import it on 11g which will be one option, but if you have already imported along with 5.2 replica meta data then you can try the following...

            ldapsearch -h 11gmaster_host -D "cn=directory manager" -w - -b "cn=config" objectclass=nsds5replica nsds50ruv

            you may get the output as below...

            dn: cn=replica,cn=o=domain.com,cn=mapping tree,cn=config
            nsds50ruv: {replicageneration} 45ea0d43000000010000
            nsds50ruv: {replica 71 ldap://host1:389} 4cae7ae8000100470000 4d517d9500d100470000
            nsds50ruv: {replica 72 ldap://host2:389} 4cae7aa9003d00480000 4d517d96000000480000
            nsds50ruv: {replica 4 ldap://host3:389} 4780d013000000040000 4d517d8b000000040000

            If you want to delete referral for replicaID 4 which may be 5.2 host, then do the following

            ldapmodify -h 11gmaster_host -p 389 -D "cn=Directory Manager" -w
            dn: cn=replica, cn="<replicationbase>", cn=mapping tree, cn=config
            changetype: modify
            replace: nsds5task
            nsds5task: CLEANRUV 4

            Please try this in your lower env first and test it out.

            Hope this helps!