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    Can't setup backup OEM server with same config/targets

      I have a primary OEM server that has a rigid setup. Many discovered targets, custom plugins, etc. I want to setup a second OEM server that mirrors the same targets. So if I turn the first server off, I can bring up the targets on the second OEM and they will still be monitored. I took a backup of the OEM database, after copying the emkey to the repository. I imported the configs for oem using emctl. I took all of that and brought it to the other OEM server. I restored the database, using the primary, and removed the emkey from the repository (to secure it). I changed the OEM config to point at its own repository after uploading the primaries config. OEM started and is actually showing all of the targets fine. However, it is showing some targets as up...even though they should all be down.

      I use ssh tunnels between OEM and the servers. So I have the tunnels open from the servers to the primary. Not from the backup to the servers. So everything on the backup should be down, but they are showing as up. I can't get the agents to talk to the backup at all. Am I missing something?