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    Oracle EAM Work Request Sequential Approval process

      Can anyone confirm Oracle has standard functionality of sequentinal apprvoal process for eAM Work request.

      Our current Oracle eAM project has requirement of multiple approver for Work request. Multiple approver means sequential approval process. After first approver approves it should go to second approval and continues.

      I know Oracle eAM Work order has sequential approval process, but i want to know the same funcionality available for Oracle eAM work request as well. If Oracle has the functionality please provide the details. If Oracle doesnt have the functionality please let me know if this can be achived using Customization.

      We are using Oracle R12 version.

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          Work Requests do NOT use AME. Only 1-level approval is possible with Standard Functionality; NOT multi-level

          Work Request Approval needs :

          1. Oracle Workflow
          2. Department Approver functionality

          Here are the steps:-

          1. Go to EAM parameters window. Under Work Request region uncheck the Auto Approve flag.
          2. Define Primary Department Approver (Setup > Department Approver)

          hope it helps...



          • There is an AME transaction type and a workflow for EAM WO Completion.
          • Not dependent on EAM Parameter : Enable workflow for work orders.