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    Get Child Taskflow's view IDs

    Mohanraj  Nataraj
      Hi All,

      Jdev version :

      Use case:
      I have taskflow (TaskFlow 1) , I am calling another taskflow (TaskFlow 2) through taskflow call.
      From TaskFlow 1 , I want get view IDs in TaskFlow2 or the default activity id of the Task Flow 2.

      Task Flow 1 (base)
      <task-flow-definition id="base-task-flow">
      <task-flow-call id="task-flow-definition">
      <document>/WEB-INF/ external-task-flow.xml </document>
      <id> task-flow 2 -definition </id>
      <view id="SearchProposal">
      <view id="ViewProposal">
      <control-flow-rule id="__2">
      <from-activity-id id="__3">SearchProposal</from-activity-id>
      <control-flow-case id="__4">
      <from-outcome id="__6">viewProposal</from-outcome>
      <to-activity-id id="__5">ViewProposal</to-activity-id>
      <control-flow-rule id="__7">
      <from-activity-id id="__8">ViewProposal</from-activity-id>
      <control-flow-case id="__10">
      <from-outcome id="__11">editProposal</from-outcome>
      <to-activity-id id="__9"> task-flow 2 -definition </to-activity-id>

      Task Flow 2:
      <task-flow-definition id="task-flow 2 -definition">
      <default-activity id="__1"> MarketingDetails </default-activity>
      <view id=" *MarketingDetails* ">

      From ViewProposal.jsff, how can I get(programmatically) the task-flow 2 -definition viewIDs or the default activity ID.
      I tried with MetadataService. I can get the current taskflow definition details. But I couldn't get the external taskflow definitions.

      Please suggest how to achieve it also provide some documents to follow.

      Please revert if more clarification needed.

      - Mohanraj