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    Performace problem in oracle DB after Solaris 10 recommended patching

      Dear All,

      We are facing some performance problems in our oracle DB qerries and reports recently. We applied Solaris 10 recommended patchset on april 24th. Our monthly report generation acitivity is now running for last 3 days i.e may 11,12,13 and application team is complaining of degraded performance. I can see that the cpu usage on the server is about 100% during the report generation , but everything else is fine. Free memory is 15gb , all mountpoints are under 80% and there is no other hardware issue as well.
      Now app team is suspecting that last month patching could be the cause of the problem, because till last month they were performing this activity without having a performance degradtion.
      I just need to be sure that solaris 10 recommended patches are not causing this issue. Any of you ever faced such an issue after patch installation ?
      The server is V490 with 8 cpu / 32gb RAM. Any hints will be appreciated ?

      Thanks in Advance.

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