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    Metric shows real time value but does not show historical data

      I am using OEM 12c.I am facing an issue and I don't know where to look for problem.

      I had created one customized metric for percentage flash recovery area through metric extension.I deployed to it target databases.
      When I check it through Database --> All Metrics it shows me real time value for metric,Collection schedule,upload interval and last upload time.IT is all fine.
      When I check metric value history,
      For all the columns like Last Known Value,
      Collection Time stamp,
      Average Value,
      High Value,
      Low Value
      it shows no data.It even does not show anything in Metric Value History graph.
      Even the metric test in Metric Extension works fine.
      All the client agents are uploading the the data to OEM successfully.

      Any help,guide is appreciated.