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    Oracle Db Adapter untargeted from Adminserver

    Abhijit Mitra

      Recently we came across unintended situation where Db Adapter got untargeted from the Adminserver in an OSB Clustered environment.

      While we are trying to target the the Db Adapter to the Adminserver it is failing by throwing exception as JNDI already exists in the Adminserver.

      After analyzing the issue we found that the Adminserver creates the JNDI connection factories automatically by referring the DbAdapter deployment plan. To remove the JNDI objects we removed the Deployment plan and then bounced the Adminserver and by following this step all the custom connection factory JNDI objects were deleted from the Adminserver except Soademo* connection factory JNDI object.

      Is there anyway to remove the connection factory JNDI object from the Adminserver so that we can target the Dbadapter again to the Adminserver.