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    Unable to save data in web determinations session

      Hi Experts,

      We have requirement of saving the partially entered screen attribute values to Siebel sessions upon clicking 'Save' link in the OPA Screen.

      For e.g,
      First data-collection page displayed to the user in web determination and user keys in data for all fields in this page. Clicking on 'Save' currently displays data loss warning and no attribute values are saved to Siebel. The data on first page can be saved only after navigating to the second page.

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          Ian Clough
          The 'submit' button saves the data on the screen to the OPA interview session, until you do this the data only exists in the browser hence you get a warning saying you are about to lose this data if you leave the screen without submitting the data.

          Depending on your requirements, there may be ways to auto-save to Siebel everytime a screen is submitted or submit the screen automatically if the save link is selected. There is an example of the former in the examples shipped with OPA runtime, the latter would need a little more thought.
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            Thanks for that information.

            Does that means we can only include "save" functionality with "submit" button to save the input data into Siebel. However, this functionality of saving first page input data without navigating to the next page is not possible? or can this be done using javascript or any event handler or event listener?
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              Ian Clough
              Until you submit the form for the first page there is no data to save to Siebel and once you have submitted the date from the first page then OPA will automatically move you to the next page. You may be able achieve what you want with the auto-save on submit plugin and a screen flow with a decision that returns you to the first screen until some logic decides that screen is complete and the transitions to the next screen. With a bit of Java Script you could probably use a hidden boolean field as the trigger and have 2 buttons, <save>, <save and continue> with on-click handlers to update the boolean accordingly.

              There are almost certainly other alternatives but these would probably require quite a bit of custom coding of screen handlers etc.