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    LSB apply process is failing when attemping a GRANT statement

      I've got two databases, a primary and a logical standby.
      On the Logical Standby, the apply process is attempting the following command and experiencing an ORA-01017 invalid username/password login denied


      The V_COUNTY view contains a public database link in it. The public database link works just fine. I can log in as the owner of the view and select * from user_users@dblinkname

      I'm wondering if the problem is that the public database link is a connected user link and somehow there is a mismatch in passwords for the process that actually runs the apply process???

      I have verified that OPS$EHJ6533 and OPS$TER6944 have identical passwords on both the primary database and the LSB database so I know the error cannot be related to that.

      Any ideas what could be causing the ORA-01017 errors during the apply process? It's causing the apply process to stop cold.