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    How to update myApp.ear to reference the latest Shared-Library

    Jorge Herreria-Oracle
      I already have mySharedLib (1.0, 1.0) and myApp.ear deployed.

      myApp.ear references to mySharedLib in its weblogic-application.xml without specifying version. I want myApp.ear to access the lastet mysharedLib version.

      Now I deploy mySharedLib version 2.0, imp 1.0.

      Note: I made sure the deployment sequence is earlier for myShareLib (1.0,1.0) and myShareLib (2.0, 1.0) than myApp.ear.

      Two questions

      1. What is the best to update myApp.ear to start referencing mySharedLib (2.0, 1.0)? Reboot my server? Redeploy myApp.ear?

      2. Would be a different approach for a Production environment versus development?



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