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    Different view for Workspace application and Email


      Hope you are doing fine
      I've a scenario where the payload to a HumanTask is a 2-level hierarchial structure (PrjMgr -- has multiple prj's -- Each prj having multiple activities)
      I've customized the default ADF taskform created, by having a tree-table as the hierarchy is shown in a user-friendly style in that. Customization is to make some of those fields as input text fields.
      Every thing is fine, as far as the task form is concerned, when I login to BPM Workspace, tree table is correctly coming with some fields as input text fields.

      But the associated Email that gets triggered with the HumanTask is not having any of this content. I just needed a read-only content, but even that is not present. How do I show the content in Email?

      When I used table structure, the content was coming in Email, but customizing the task form to make few of the fields as input text fields was difficult. So moved to tree table.

      Would you please tell me how to get the content into Email? It should automatically happen, as when it is present in Workspace, same should come in Email, hapenned for other test cases of mine.

      Or, is there a way where the mail content can be from table structure and workspace taskform is from tree-table?

      Any suggestions appreciated.