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    Client for LINUX/MAC and WINDOWS available

      I have alpha version of NOSQL-client developed (and still working) on it .
      Currently it's the complete admin toolset, basic but it works for me.

      The other client (join/order and so on ) should follow in a few week.

      The current platforms are windows/linux/mac osx/ipad working on android.

      I'm wondering where i can publish this client software.
      It's free as NOSQL is.
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          Hi Doetinchem,

          Very good timing on your post as we are just in the process of figuring this out, setting up a way to provide a centralized place to help people find these great community contributions.

          How about you give me a shout directly robert.c.greene-AT-oracle-dot-com so I can learn more about what you've done and then reach out to you directly once we've sorted a posting location out.
          We will post the recommended location to the forums and notify everyone once sorted out, but in this case it probably more convenient if we contact you directly.

          Awesome to have some community contributions to share, thanks.

          Very best regards,