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    TDE Wallet Location on Multiple Instances on the same server

      I have configured by Transparent Data Encrytion on our server which is running on OEL 5.5 with Oracle Database
      The server has three instances: DEVDB, UATDB and PRODDB. I have created my oracle wallet location as /etc/passkey/oracle/wallet
      Inside the ../wallet directory, I created the folders: devdb, uatdb and proddb. I plan to use these directories to store the masterkey wallets of these instances.

      When I deployed TDE on DEVDB, all went well as I can see my sqlnet.ora file:

      (SOURCE =
      (METHOD = FILE)
      (METHOD_DATA =
      (DIRECTORY = /etc/passkey/oracle/wallet/devdb)

      But when I try to deploy TDE in UATDB, I had an error "wallet not found" then I realized that the sqlnet.ora file changed the location of the wallet directory:

      (DIRECTORY = /etc/passkey/oracle/wallet/uatdb)

      To resolve the issue in DEVDB, i just changed the location back to (DIRECTORY = /etc/passkey/oracle/wallet/devdb) and all went good. My problem is how can i separate the wallet locations (i.e. different directory per instance) as I planned initially? I am reading the notes but I can't see the info there or maybe I just missed it.