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    Add a "virtual" column


      I have an application that list the content of a table.
      Actually, when I access to the application, the system show me something like :

      COLUMN_1 ; COLUMN_2
      A1 ; A2
      B1 ; B2

      I want add a third column to this application, the third column need to contain a like build with the content of COLUMN_1. For example :

      COLUMN_1 ; COLUMN_2 ; COLUMN_3
      A1 ; A2 ; x1
      B1 ; B2 ; x2

      Where x1 an x2 are a picture (or something else) and a link.
      For example, I want that the system open a browser with something like http://exeternal_site.com/f?N=x1 if I select x1 and http://exeternal_site.com/f?N=xé if I select x2

      Actually, I already have a link on COLUMN_1.

      Can you help me ?


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          Hi Villegente,

          You can do that in you your query.
          select a1  as COLUMN_1
               , a2  as COLUMN_2
               , '<a href="http://exeternal_site.com/f?N='||x1||'">LINK</a>' as COLUMN_3
          from table_x
          set at the Column Attributes for column_3 the attribute Display as to Standard Report Column.

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            If you are using a standard report then you can add a virtual link column using the Add Column Link option under Tasks on the report attributes page.
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              Thanks for your help !