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    Sending Email Notification when fault has been occured.

      Hi All,

      Can anybody can guide me how to resolve the below specified issues if you are aware of it.

      There is a project requirement where two things should happen simultaneously
      1. In case of a Fault within SOA Suite, the message should be logged in EM console and could be re submitted.
      2. An error notification email should be sent to appropriate parties mentioning the occurrence of fault.
      Now, email can be sent by Email Activity in BPEL Process and a faulted message can be resubmitted by using the fault management framework. Now once the fault management framework is used it intercepts the faults and the fault can not be handled within a BPEL process scope to send an error email.

      If possible can you provide me the link or else a demo URL for the above specified issue.

      Expecting a reply from anybody ASAP.