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    Few questions about Sparc T4-1


      I'm trying to setup a new T4-1 server and I have some issues :

      1. ventilation noise : the server starts with all vents at full power (which is good) but the problem is that they never turn slowly. Both power supplies are connected and in good shape, the server has no errors or warnings.

      2. RAID configuration. This server came with another way to create RAID mirrored volumes : using Fcode straight from OBP (ok>) prompt, not as I was doing on other types of servers (install Solaris and then use raidctl command). My problem is the following : I'm creating the RAID on this new server and when I'm trying to install one of the two RAID HDDs into another server, I'm unable to mount it, I even can't see it into Fcode list ... I'm an Windows guy and from my experience, it's not so uncommon to take and HDD from a RAID1 config and mount it without any problems into another computer. This is the way Sun server works or i'm doing something wrong?