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    APEX 4.1 V$SESSION settings

    Tony Andrews
      According to the Application Express Application Builder User's Guide (4.1) (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23903_01/doc/doc.41/e21674/debug_monitor_resource.htm#HTMDB10005) "Oracle Application Express facilitates the monitoring of resources used by applications and pages by calling the package DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO. Whenever the Application Express engine renders or processes a page, the module is set to APEX and includes the application ID and page number. Once set, you can query the V$SESSION and V$SQLAREA views to monitor transactions."

      However we are using APEX and find that V$SESSION.MODULE contains only the application ID, not the page ID e.g. "MYSCHEMA/APEX:APP 123". The ACTION column sometimes has the page ID e.g. "PAGE 100", but more often hold other information instead such as "Process - point: BEFORE_BOX_BO".

      We would really like to be able to glean the application ID and page ID for active sessions somehow - can anyone suggest how this can be reliably done in APEX 4.1?

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