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    nube here: trying to copy a db from 1 comp to 2nd using Oracle SQL dev

      Hi, nube here. I am trying to copy SQL database established locally on my laptop and copy it to my desktop pc so i can practice running queries on there. I have tried to migrate and i failed. i have the password for the schema created on my laptop.

      now am i trying to create a new schema on my desktop? or do i copy the schema also? i am also unable to pass the "test connection" when i create any new schema on my desktop.i share the same home network. these are merely just practice databases so i can practice on my desktop as well as my laptop. And what do you mean on the same domain? do you mean create exact same schema on my desktop? and am i using RMAN to backup and restore? or what tool because google says its not possible to back up and recover viz oracle sql developer.

      I am using orcle sql developer verison 1.5.3 on my laptop and ver on my desktop.

      please help
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          Turloch O'Tierney-Oracle
          Hi Nube,

          Update to on your laptop.

          For between non Oracle databases and Oracle:
          There is right click on a table "Copy To Oracle".
          Migration getting started:

          [for between Oracle databases there is a Data Pump wizard in the DBA view,
          also database copy, or even copy command in the worksheet,
          you could use RMAN for duplicating databases (or OS commands like copy(Windows)/cp(Unix/Linux) when the database is brought down with "shutdown immediate")
          RMAN and OS commards are outside the scope of the SQLDeveloper forum]
          i am also unable to pass the "test connection"
          Not sure what database you are connecting to
          - you need to get port/host and the equivalent of service right
          - firewall rules need to be set up if appropriate.
          - also the database server needs to be listening on that port.

          SQLDeveloper Team