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    Installing Solaris 11.1 and multi-boot manager

      I would like to install Solaris 11.1 x86 on my computer. I already have a multi-boot manager controlling the MBR. Will Solaris 11.1 install without overwriting my MBR and by putting its grub2 boot code in the installation partition ?
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          It is not 'supported' as such - but you might be able to install solaris (which will overwrite the MBR), boot into solaris, install the solaris version of grub to the solaris partition (via 'installboot command') then overwrite the MBR with your boot loader and have it chainload the solaris grub.
          This is fairly easy to mess up though (and you may hit issues in the future if solaris tries to update the bootblock) so is not really recommended.
          You might want to look at installing Solaris in virtualbox instead so you can run multiple OS's side-by-side
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            I have severals problems too installing soalris 11.1 in multiboot environment(3 hard disks on pc)
            Can the grub2 of solaris boot linux?
            I tried to install the grub2 of solaris after an installation but it doesn't delete the grub2-pc of linux, I think I should have use bootadm install-bootloader -fM to force the instalaltion in MBR
            After that (it was my second unsuccessful installation) I have booted with the text install cdrom but the zpool import -f rpool didn't work, must I do something after an installation ? (should I save the root pool after my installation ? can I save the root pool on a big usb key?) I must perhaps post a new thread for this..
            thanks for your answers