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    EBS to APEX

    Chintan Gandhi

      I've an EBS application. From there, I would like to provide a link such that on click of it, it should open my Oracle APEX application and should automatically authenticate me.

      I did google to find out a way but i'm getting reference docs to access EBS from APEX and not other way round! (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/apex/learnmore/apex-ebs-extension-white-paper-345780.pdf)

      Can anyone please help?

      EBS: R12
      APEX: 4.1.0

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          This is the right document. It shows how to access Apex from EBS. It's done by creating the function in the EBS that calls apex. We are using it here and it works fine.

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            Hi Gandhi,

            Did you followed the Rodwest document for the integration of oracle APEX with EBS.

            From my point of view, i prefer Rod's document is the best one for the integration.

            Let me know if you find difficulty in getting that.


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