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    ODP.net forward compatibility not working in Oracle 11GR2

      Hi experts,

      I have a web service application that's compiled with a specific version of oracle.dataaccess.dll, v1.102, since this application is supposed to be installed across Oracle client from 10 to 11g, and our lowest oracle client odp.net is v1.102. All work well, until we encounter the oracle client 11gr2, on which the odp.net stopped supporting .net 1.0 frame work, to be specific, there is no more 1.x folder under oracle_home/odp.net/bin, thus when my application run on it, I got the "can't load assembly oracle.dataaccess" error.

      Anyidea how to make the apps compiled with 1.0 .net framework odp dll to work on11gr2 oracle client?

      My orginal understanding about .net loading run time assembly is that, it will always go to the GAC to find the assembly matching the name, in my case, the 11gr2 server does have oracle.dataaccess.dll in GAC, with a v2.x , why the .net won't just pick it up and insist on loading v1.102 ?

      Greatly appreciated your advice!