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    call web serivce, deserialize and store in collection

      im basically a Dot net developer. now im working on one Android project. my requirement is,

      1. I have to call a web service, that will return XML data as String.
      2. I have to read that XML string data.
      3. Store those xml data into class collection(Collection is C# word, i dont know how here calling)

      #1 i have done, #2 & #3 is pending. I knew reading xml is using SAX parser but, i dont know how to read from String using SAX.?
      Then how to store those XML data into a collection object.?

      i tried with this link http://javarevisited.blogspot.in/2011/12/parse-read-xml-file-java-sax-parser.html but, its confusing bcos, im writing code Activity class but, there explaing with some Void Main class.

      so, experts please help me with some samples.

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