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    Warming up coherence cache for Toplink Grid-Read configuration

      I am using toplink Grid-Read configuration for my coherence cache implementation.

      In this, I am facing one problem of retrieving data in the following scenario

      1. Search has been performed based on some criteria.

      2. Part of the result is there in the cache and part of the result is there in database.

      3. I can not bypass cache with
      setHint(QueryHints.QUERY_REDIRECTOR, new IgnoreDefaultRedirector())
      as coherence will not return null in this case.

      4. So, the data which are only there in the cache will be displayed instead of showing the complete result.

      To resolve this issue, I need to warm up the cache at system start-up so that the data in coherence and database will be in sync.
      So, my question is how to warm up the cache at system start-up ?

      Sandeep Singh