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    iOS Oracle BI app


      I've been asked to build for the Oracle BI app offered free through Apple. I am currently using 11g XP and SQL Developer. What is the best middle wear to use, JDeveloper? Is there some other software I should use?


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          I presume that BI stands for business intelligence. Then i guess you are posting the question in the wrong forum. this is for the mobile server, oracle lite product which is a middleware that customers can use to pass information from a centralized database to remote clients which will hold their own databases.

          olite handles the synchronization issues between the databases. for instance you might have a database which holds a table called orders for bill, mike and george.

          each of these 3 has a handheld device (e.g. a smartphone) and needs his own orders. so olite separates the orders for each one and sends his on his smartphone.
          so bill will only have his own orders in his smartphone. later when they finish the orders the results are sent back to the centralized database. this is just an example to let you know what this product is about.