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    JRE and IE process gets hard lock

      How the application works :

      I have an application which is divided into two iframes. Iframe with a left pane loads an applet having a treeview like structure and each node is having a link associated with it. On the otherhand iframe with a right pane can loads html page with applet within.

      Whenever each link (Tree node) of Tree view is right clicked a context menu will appeared, which have text like "open", "properties" etc. This context menu is developed in java applet.

      Now the problem is :

      Whenever a page containing an applet in right pane is refreshed, while a Java-based context menu is displayed (within the TreeView). Once the page refreshes, it hard locks the JRE and the IE process. Only way to recover is to blow away the IE process (which will kill the Java.exe process)

      Can someone suggest what is missing with menu applet?