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    iStore Add to cart Check Box


      We have 3 price list for an Operating unit say A, B and C.

      When price list B and C is assigned to customer. The Check box next to add to cart is not Visible. Check box next to add to cart is visble when using price list A.

      iStore R12 release : 12.1.3

      Please help,

      Thanks in Advance.
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          This indicates you have enabled pricing security (QP: Security Control is ON) and that you have setup non-Global price lists.

          iStore only references one Inventory Organization that is tied to the Operating Unit of the user's responsibility as set in "MO:Operating Unit" for multi-org.
          In a multiple-Operating Unit (OU) setup, you need to create a separate IBE customer responsibility to link to different OUs.
          The OU associated with a customer when he places an order is determined by the settings of two multi-org profile options -
          "MO: Security Profile" when this setup for Single OU access for that responsibility
          "MO:Operating Unit" when the "MO: Security Profile" is set to multiple OUs,

          When you setup non-Global price lists, the price lists can only be used in the specified Operating Unit.

          Please check you setups of the Price List and determine if your iStore price lists should be Global price lists. Check the setups of the multi-org profile options for the iStore customer responsibilities.

          Oracle® iStore Implementation and Administration Guide Release 12.1 Part No. E13575-06
          Page 17-3
          Step 3 - Set up Oracle iStore Customer Application Responsibilities

          Oracle® Advanced Pricing User's Guide Release 12.1 Part No. E13427-04
          Page 2-5
          Creating a Price List

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            Thank you for the details. I have created new responsibility and it worked. Thanks a lot.