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    Colum Width in HFM

      Dear HFM community,

      we have recently setup a test-environment with HFM and migrated our current HFM application.
      In our application we have highly formatted our webforms and we are facing some problems now using the same forms in the current environment.

      I could nail it down to the source, which comes from an override of the column width, which used to work in

      +,Override(2,2,blank,Style:background-color: #E5EAEF;border: thin solid #E5EAEF;width=5)+

      If I use that it works:

      +,Override(2,2,blank,Style:background-color: #E5EAEF;border: thin solid #E5EAEF)+

      We use this to reduce the width of individual blank columns in our webforms. It is not about defining the column width of all columns in the form - this works fine.

      Have you seen this problem as well and maybe know a solution (other than removing blank columns).

      Thanks a lot!