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    BI publisher dashboard reports are very slow in interactive mode

      Hi experts,
      my bip version is . i have done some dashboard reports in interactive mode. But my reports got 2,3 minutes for loading. I have done following things also.
      1) enable cache for all reports
      2) increase cache expire time to 200 mins.
      under the FO Processing section in administrator >>>> Runtime Configuration
      3) Use BI Publisher's XSLT processor to True
      4) Enable XSLT runtime optimization to True
      5) Increase Pages cached during processing to 400
      6) Enable multithreading to True
      7) Disable external references to True
      8) FO Parsing Buffer Size to 10000000
      9) Enable XSLT runtime optimization for sub-template to True

      But issue is the same .
      Please help me for reduce loading time for my reports.
      Thanks ......