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    How to print Table with fixed height?


      I am developing an invoice. I am printing the invoice lines in a table and the number of lines may vary.

      I am using the table to print the lines in word rtf template. The table cells don't have the border.

      I am facing the following problems:

      1. The table height varies based on the number of invoice lines. I don't want that. I want to fix the table height. I can draw the line and create the table, that may solve this problem for 1 page invoice, but that doesn't solve next issue i.e. issue #2.

      2. If the invoice goes beyond 1 page, then the table continues and on the 1st page the table is open from the bottom, as I have table without the internal cell border. I want close the table on the 1st page and rewrite the table in the 2nd page.

      Please let me know, if you have any solution for these issues.


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