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    Debian on Oracle VM ?

      Hello guys,
      in my company we are planning to migrate from esxi to Oracle VM Server.
      Guests OS are mostly Windows and few Linux (Debian). I found here:

      that Oracle VM support only RHEL, Centos, SUSE and ofcourse Oracle Linux but no Debian.
      We don't want to migrate from Debian to another Linux and here are my questions:
      Is is possible that Debian would have problems on Oracle VM and that's way there isn't
      Debian on that list?
      Or maybe this list include only commercial version of Linux and Oracle VM supports all Linux
      Does it mean that Oracle wouldn't support us with Debian installed od O VM?

      Anyway - is it good idea to user Oracle VM with Debian or not?
      We haven't bought any virtualization yet so there is still time to change our decission.


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          I very serious doubt you would get Commercial support for a OS that is not listed as being supported.

          I will make a few assumptions. I assume Debian is not listed because of the kernel path taken by Debian. RHEL, and Oracle are very similar in their kernel. Suse is close as well. Debian might run fine and it might not. Virtualbox is probably a better offering for Debian but you can't even get commercial support for Debian in Virtualbox.

          Is there a particular reason you don't want to switch to Oracle Linux? I can tell you from experience that no distribution of Linux runs Oracle products better.
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            thanks for answer. There is one reason to get Oracle VM - they offered us very nice price.
            But for me more importent is to have proper support then price.
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              Yes, They do have very nice pricing in comparison to many other virtualization offerings. You could buy Oracle Hardware and premium hardware support covers all your support for Oracle VM, Oracle Linux and etc. So you pay one price and get them all. That's what I did.

              How are you getting commerical support for your Debian footprint?

              Do you have something that will not run on Oracle VM? or RHEL?

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                I don't have commercial support for Debian. One of my coworkes is Debian guru and he is our support (3rd line), besides Debian just works like a charm.
                Also i don't have any services i couldn't run on RHEL, CentOS, or another Linux.
                But i prefer Debian, know Debian and don't want to change distribution if i don't really need.
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                  We do have a couple of Debian-based VMs running on our OVM cluster, there's no issue with them. You might or might not be able to run them as PVM guests, but they will run as HVM guests for sure.

                  You won't get support from Oracle for those, unless you can prove that the issue you're having, does also occur on covered OS's. That is, they won't help you with anything particular related to Debian and OVM. Other than that, you should be fine.
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                    Roddy Rodstein

                    I support many customers running debian (many different debian versions and many different debain distros) on oracle vm. debain runs GREAT on oracle vm, as both pvm and hvm.

                    Oracle support is very sensitive to anything not on their support list, like debain. Since you have a great debian resource, you should be just fine running debian on oracle vm. For example, debain cant hurt oracle vm :)