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    UPK Issues


      I'm a new system administrator to my company. We are using UPK Standard. We have 2 environments 1 test 1 production.

      Windows Server 2003 r2 Enterprise
      UPK Standard v11.0
      MSSQL v2005 DB

      Windows Server 2003 r2 Enterprise 32-bit
      UPK Standard v11.0
      MSSQL v2005 DB

      I'm being requested to upgrade to Windows Server 2008 r2 x64 Enterprise.
      UPK Standard v11.1.0.1
      MSSQL v2005 DB (not changing the DB Server)

      I have built out a new server and installed the UPK Standard v11.1.0.0 and had the help of our DBA team to get the SA passwords and location of the DB upgraded. I have installed the UPK Client on a Windows 7 64-bit client v11.1.0.0. When I attempt to connect it is requesting credentials to log into the UPK profile. I was provided these credentials, which should be the same as the previous test instance since I just updated our test database with the scripts that ran in the application. The application hangs and doesn't allow me to log in. I have no clue where to go from here.

      Server Error
      There is a problem with the server configuration. See your system administrator with the following information. The following information that it provides is the exact same sentences I typed out previous to this sentence.

      Any help would be much appreciated.