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    Setting up trusted reconciliation with MSSQL server - Question

      OIM - 11g R2
      OIM Trusted store identified - MSSQL server (for trusted recon with stored procedure created over database views)
      Database user connector - 11.1.1


      OIM "Database user management connnector" : http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E22999_01/doc.111/e28315/deploy_mssql.htm#CACDDHAP
      doc says: >> A SQL query or stored procedure is used to fetch target system records during reconciliation

      I'm planning to configure MSSQL server for OIM trusted reconciliation (with stored procedure created over database views). I was trying to understand, if the trusted reconciliation process could be configured to avoid unnecessary recon events. Means, for regular trusted reconciliaion over bulk data, if they connector will ignore creating recon event when there is no changes between OIM and trusted store user record. Is this feature out of the box with this version connector or i need to customize this. I don't find any reference of this functionality in the admin guide. Any pointer would help.