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    New to HFM

      Hello All

      Iam new to HFM.
      I have a couple of questions for you. I searched in OTN but in vain.
      If possible provide with Examples. Please help.

      1. What is IFRS Application
      2. What is USGAAP Application
      3. How many Journal Types are there in HFM and in a project how we define.
      4. what is ICP?
      5. What are Data forms and Data Grids
      6. How can we assign Shared Services user access rights
      7. What are POV Colours and why we use
      8. Different types of consolidation in HFM
      9. Smart view Templates - usually how many templates uses a company
      10. How many account dimension members in HFM APP
      11. FDM import format means
      12. LCM Migration procedure
      13. What is value dimension members and where we can find these members
      14. What is calculation status
      15. What is FDM Flow
      16. Why do we load data monthly
      17. What are Task flow options which we used in regular projects and how
      18. Any 4 VB Scripts used in project
      19. Different types of rules - with examples where did we use
      20. What is HFM Performance tunning

      Thanks in advance

      Best Regards
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          Why you asking the question.. first you learn hfm and workout then you have idea of them...
          for my advice workout in your system.

          Please go thru and (work out) the HFM admin guide. Most of the answers are there..
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            Thank you Kimi for rapid reply.

            In every learning stage there are doubts and questions in mind right?
            I,m reading Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Tips And Techniques book along with HFM Admin guide and Practicing.

            and remind you we are human being. and please refer below link.

            Self ICP

            and i'm not in a stage condemn your valuable inputs.
            once again many thanks to your reply.

            Best Regards
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              IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards

              USGAAP Application:     - http://www.pwc.com/en_US/us/issues/ifrs-reporting/publications/assets/ifrs-and-us-gaap-similarities-and-differences-2012.pdf



              Journal Types- Create Journal, Edit Journal, Post JOurnal, Delete Journal.



              ICP - Intercompany - is a dimension in HFM



              Data form: You can enter data in an application using forms that your administrator created. Data Forms enable you to enter data for predefined views, such as specific periods and accounts. The forms support nested columns and rows for multidimensional analysis, and enable you to drill into further detail.




              Data grid - You use data grids to enter, view, or manually edit data in Financial Management applications.

              After you enter or edit the data, you can calculate the data, translate the data to other currencies, or consolidate the data. You can view data status, calculation status, process levels, line item detail, and destination and source transactions.



              These options are available for consolidating data: Consolidate (Impacted), Consolidate All with Data, and Consolidate All.



              LCM (Life Cycle Management) is a tool which can be used to migrate Hyperion applications, cubes, repositories, or artifacts across product environments and operating systems. It is accessed through the Shared Services Console.



              Why do we load data monthly - It depends on requirement.



              What is HFM Performance tuning  - Tuning settings required to tune in our applications and are recommended by Oracle Hyperion.

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