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    Oracle Discoverer Desktop 11g install

      Windows XP sp3
      Work for a company
      Installed Discoverer Desktop 11g
      Upon launching application with __end-user Jane__ logged into computer, immediately get this error, 'dis51usr.exe not found, click Browse to locate' .
      I installed the program with me logged in to computer (I have admin rights). Discoverer Desktop opens without error when I am logged into the computer. When the EU is logged in, we get the error. I had installed the app on another user's machine, John, and had same error. For user John, I added the user to 'Domain Users' and relaunch app and the error never came up (the app launched and came to the login gui, the app launch is a success. For the user I first mentioned, I added that user to 'Domain Users' but the error still comes up.
      I do not know what to check that could be causing this issue.
      Is it a path issue? Environmental Variables issue?
      I do not have enough experience with oracle to know the proper 'user environmental variable' and the 'system environmental variable'. Please help!! Thank you.
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          Michael Armstrong-Smith
          Windows will look inside your PATH to see if it can find the file. If it cannot locate the file in your PATH you will get the dis51usr.exe not found error.

          Can you post the PATH that is being used?

          You can get the path as follows:
          1. Launch Control Panel
          2. Click System
          3. Click Advanced System Settings
          4. Click Environment Variables
          5. Look in bottom half of screen for variable named PATH
          6. Click Edit and copy the PATH then post it in here for me to look at
          7. Click Cancel - do not edit the path
          8. Close Control Panel

          Best wishes