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    Genaral Question

      At present I am working in small Software Company in small town from last 1 year ,here i did small project like billing System in java,and Some academic project,I did almost 5 to 6 projects,my question is this enough for 1 year experience person and I would like to move Forward to join big MNC Companies.
      Thank You
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          Please don't create duplicate threads. You already have a thread open for this same question. Mark this new thread ANSWERED and use the first one.
          Genaral Question
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            1. Please stop creating duplicate threads.

            It is incomprehensible why you thought it necessary to repost the same question two weeks later when it had apparently already been answered. It is also incomprehensible why you keep using TLAs like MNC when you've already had it demonstrated to you that it is futile.

            2. Please use proper titles, not just 'general question'. It's in your own interest. You'll get more expert attention if you title your question correctly. Who wants to sit around all day scanning for general questions? Most people here look for questions in their own area of expertise.

            Locking this thread.