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    How do I test a Java card applet with different AIDs on the fly?

      ... Like sweeping cards from employees in a queue of people lining up in the morning?
      When I created my applet, the aid is a fixed value inside the class.
      Whenever I wanted to test it with another value, I changed that AID and rerun the applet.
      I find it very cumbersome that needs to be rerun and rerun, over and over again.
      How do I test the applet easily with any values of AIDs that I'd like to put in, on the fly.
      I know I can't simulate the sweeps of card in the applet because I can't have a main method with a signature
      of Strings[] args or String[] args. I can only have JUnit to help me out, but still java card doesn't allow either
      main(Strings[] args) or TestCase to inherit from.
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          your question is hard to understand but:
          an applet always has one definite AID and you cant change it after install as far as i know
          a) you want to test many cards with diffrent AIDs?
          ->send a list of select commands and check the return values
          b)you want one card with the same applet to be available for many AIDs?
          ->install many dummy applets forwarding the commands to one core applet
          c)i think i didnt get your point :/