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    Cube sizing

      Hi ,
      Is there a OLAP cube sizing template on Exadata?
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          nasar.ali-khan at -Oracle
          I doubt there is one.

          You can load and aggregate few months (or a year) of data, get the size of the cube(s), and then extrapolate from that.

          Generally it depends on:
          (1). Number of stored measures
          (2). Dimensionality of each cube
          (3). Number of Dimension members (especially parents) in each hierarchy. Cube size gets bigger with more parents or levels in a hierarchy.
          (4). How much cube data will be pre-aggregated

          Its a balance between how much data to pre-aggregate VS. what is the maximum time that will be allowed for daily/weekly cube loading.

          More hardware always help - i.e., more CPUs (depending on Parallelism), more RAM and especially faster speed disk

          On a side note:
          - Do not store, what can be calculated on-the-fly at reporting time.
          - Do not make it a dimension, if it can be an attribute