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    OpenSSL FIPS


      I am trying to locate a FIPS compatible OpenSSL Solaris 10 (SPARC) package; does anybody know if one exists and where I may locate it? (I believe that it has to be a minimum of version 1.0.0 OpenSSL for the FIPS module to be available)


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          I think that you need to compile the OpenSSL software yourself in order to have FIPs compliance. The requirements are
          quite strict and one of those requirements is that you be able to show a valid source for the OpenSSL software. This
          means you must have the SSL source code CDROM on hand. It is free to order and arrived within about a week for

          Any software package that you would download, from anywhere, would by definition not be FIPs compliant due to
          at least that one requirement.

          Not sure why you need this ... I have seen no problems running Apache with latest OpenSSL + PHP without the
          need to resort to the extreme.